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Fairfax Corner S'mores 2020
With 2020's uncertainty. Fairfax Corner seized an opportunity to uplift spirits by attempting an in-person event. Collaborating with VVS team, we helped FFX Corner and its community to rise above turbulent times. The S'more Roasting Event, fostering community engagement and nostalgia. We meticulously planned, balancing bringing people together with respecting social distancing. Our goal: reignite community spirit and unite families safely in challenging times.

The Why

The event not only provided a safe space for Halloween festivities but also strengthened community ties and supported local businesses. Feedback from attendees and partners highlighted its role in bringing the community closer and creating lasting memories. Organized to enrich community life and support local businesses, the event's success underscores Bristow Center and VVS Events' commitment to creating meaningful, family-oriented celebrations.
Fairfax Corner S'mores 2020
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