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Hilltop Plaza - The Soulful Santa Experience
Hilltop Plaza, located in Prince George's County, is predominately black community that recognized a need and an opportunity to bring the children of this community a holiday event where they could see themselves represented in the biggest figure of the season – Santa Claus. Planned and produced by VVS Events, together were able to leverage digital media and community advertising to boost awareness of this event. 

Maxi Award Finalist

The Why

There is a hidden barrier preventing many communities from fully feeling the magic of an encounter with Santa. Even in communities with majority Black residents, parents struggle to find Santas that look like their children. Hilltop Plaza saw parents in the area struggle to find a Santa their children could relate to and worked to create an event where children could not only meet a Black Santa, but spend an afternoon fully enveloped in holiday magic. Through a robust marketing & PR effort, Hilltop Plaza provided the community with this essential resource while also fostering conversations around representation – because it matters.

Soulful Santa '23

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