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10 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Small Business | VVS Events

Unlock the many benefits of spring cleaning with these ten tips to help organize your assets and refresh your small business workflow process. Read on for our essential guide!

Spring cleaning is an important activity for small businesses. Not only does it keep the workplace and vehicles clean, but it also helps maintain organizational order throughout the year. By decluttering and tidying up your space, you can free up storage for important documents, tools, supplies and other items needed for day-to-day operations.

10 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Small Business | VVS Events

It’s the first day of spring and what better time to give your business a refresh? Just like a deep spring clean, asset maintenance and organization is like giving your business system an annual tune up. It's easy to let things slip throughout the year – but with this guide on hand you won't need to worry any longer! In this blog post we'll discuss why it's important for small businesses, event planners, and professional service providers to prioritize their asset maintenance in the new season - alongside some helpful tips that will get you started. Let us help you breathe fresh air into your workflow process – so read on for our essential Spring Cleaning Checklist!

Let's Get Started


Make a Plan: The first step to successful spring cleaning

The first step to any successful spring cleaning is to make a plan. Decide which areas you want to focus on, and make a list of all the tasks that need to be completed. This could be in storage areas, break rooms, meeting rooms or vehicles. This will help you stay organized and focused as you tackle your cleaning project. By creating a simply check list and tracking your progress, you'll be able to stay on target and make sure you don’t miss any important tasks.

Clear The Clutter: Clear away the excess

Once you have a plan in place, start by clearing away all of the clutter that may have piled up over the past year. This could include old documents or paperwork, assets you have not used in awhile or that are outdated. By eliminating the excess, you can make room for new items and create a more organized space.

Clean Your Vehicles: It is a reflection of you

Depending on the type of small business you run, it’s important to maintain cleanliness in your vehicles. If you transport clients regularly, you may already keep a spotless vehicle, however it may not be a bad idea to have it professionally detailed. If you maintain van or trailers, it is a good time to rotate tires, check air pressure, clean any debris that may have built up and have it inspected – maintain regular cleaning cycles throughout the year to ensure that all of them are in good working order and ready for the year.

Inventory: Inspect, assess, maintain

Take a few moments to review your inventory and double check that each item is working exactly as it should be. Ensure that everything is in its best possible condition. Assess the situation carefully and make sure every detail has been taken care of. When it's all said and done, your inventory should be ready to go! Inspect each piece of equipment to make sure it's in top condition and able to do the job for which it was intended. Don't forget: preventative maintenance can save you quite a bit of hassle so be sure to double check everything before you move forward. This can greatly reduce any potential problems further down the line. Taking an attentive approach will encourage more efficient processes so invest a few extra minutes in meticulously counting and rechecking what supplies you have across all departments.

Put It Away: Streamline to bring clarity

Returning items to their rightful locations brings order and serenity. This may involve re-organizing. If it seems like this could be an overwhelming task, source some assistance from your team. Not only will it cut down time, but your team may have some insight on where items could be more effectively placed to streamline your operations. Consider the satisfaction of seeing everything neatly put away in the proper spot. You'll have improved clarity by having a system, finding items when needed will become easier. Placing objects back in their rightful places is a way of organizing not just the physical world, but also your thoughts and energy too. Use this time of setting things in order as an opportunity for healthy organization!

HR Matters: Keep your paperwork up to date

Staying on top of essential paperwork is key! Make sure your contracts are up to date, and check that all the tax documents are current. Additionally, it's important to keep training and tutorial documents available for your team; these resources can make navigating workplace processes simpler – and they will help new hires learn the ropes faster. Take this time ensure that all relevant documents are up to date and in good order. Keeping on task with this paperwork offers immense long term benefits!

Uniforms: Brand Identity

It pays to double check that uniforms are looking polished and professional. This is the very first thing that your clients and/or patrons see! Make sure you have extra sizes in reserve -- these come in handy! Don't forget the cherry on top: confirm that apparel abides with brand identity. You want everyone on your team to feel satisfied and looking great.

Content Organization: Store and create structure

Getting your content organized is the basis for successful workflows and procedures. A great place to start is to create a filing structure for different types of content, as this will make it easier to search for information when needed. It's also important to develop rules and regulations that cover how content should be created, stored and where deadlines reside. As you start crafting content specifically for social media channels, it's critical to understand the requirements of each platform, such as what sizes images should be and how long videos can be. Taking the time while organizing your content beforehand pays off in the long run!

Test Your Tech: Stay ready

Test your tech! Do you have the items you need to be successful? Have you made sure to account for both your hardware and software needs? And do you have adequate data plans to support them both? Readying your technology for use is an important step that should not be overlooked. Make sure that any devices, programs, or networks necessary for success are up and running before you need to. Even the most advanced technologist can make a flashy system on paper but not fully realize their plan without proper support. Don't let lack of testing prevent you from reaching your full potential.

Training: Let's all get on the same page

It's time for some training updates! Have you created the assets you need to keep your team up-to-date: Process and procedures, new elements and offerings updates? Host a team meeting to be sure you are aligned for Q2 and the remainder of the year. Allow your team time to get familiar with current, updated or future process and procedures so they all have a better understanding of how to use the new elements. Communication among coworkers will be key in maintaining organization and efficiency. Ensure training documents live in a place that is well-organized and easily accessible to all. By having all these training updates, you will come out of Q2 strong and ready for what lies ahead this year!

The Wrap Up

Spring cleaning is a great opportunity to focus on the small details that can contribute to greater success for your small business. Working through these steps will help you stay current and provide a better environment in which you can create and thrive. If you find yourself overwhelmed, reach out to trusted colleagues or professionals who may be able to assist. Business success doesn’t happen all at once—build it in layers, one spring cleaning season at a time. We would love to hear from you. Please share if this post was useful to you or if you had any additional tips! Thank you for taking the time and energy to refresh your small business with a little spring cleaning fever! Let’s get started on boosting your business today!

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